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Gun found on campus of Ardrey Kell High School

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials confirmed to Channel 9 a gun was found on the campus of Ardrey Kell High School Tuesday.

Officials said a 14-year-old boy had the handgun in his backpack for a couple days.

The district said the student was arrested and charged with possession of weapon on school grounds.
Students reported seeing the gun to school administrators.
The district wouldn't say if the gun was loaded or what kind it was.

The student's name hasn't been released.

Tue, 06 Oct 2015 17:36:59 -0400

Pets displaced in SC flood brought to shelter in Statesville

Dozens of dogs in South Carolina don't have a home after this weekend’s flooding destroyed a shelter.

Officials are scrambling to find them a place to live.

When the storm hit part of the ground washed away at the Lee County animal shelter in Bishopville.

The Humane Society rescue team has already moved nearly two dozen dogs out. 

Channel 9 saw workers from the Humane Society move the dogs from a temporary shelter at Bishopville Public Works to their animal transport van.  

The floodwaters washed away part of the kennels.  

Fortunately none of the dogs were hurt as workers scrambled to put tarps hoping to keep the dogs safe. But the rain proved to be too much forcing the shelter to scramble to get the dogs out. 

Some of the dogs will end up at a shelter in Statesville where they are making room for at least 10 of the animals.    

It may be Wednesday before they arrive in their new home.  

Shelter director Brad Gates said they will be ready and hopes to find each dog a permanent home.

Officials in Bishopville are very thankful to the Humane Society and officials in Statesville. Plans are in the works to build a new shelter that should open early next year. 


Gov. Haley says it's too soon for damage estimate; 14 killed


Tue, 06 Oct 2015 17:29:28 -0400

Family: Victim beaten with propane tank in critical condition

The victim of a brutal beating in north Charlotte that was caught on video is still fighting for his life more than one week after the attack.

Channel 9 broke the story last week and news of the arrest of a TSA agent police said was involved.

Past Coverage: Man beaten with propane tank

The victim's mother is now speaking to Channel 9 that said her son's case is a warning about the dangers of unreported domestic violence.

Last week Eyewitness News obtained a copy of a police report that said the victim had been treated and released from the hospital but his family wants the community to know he is in critical condition.

"Nobody helped my son, everybody stood around," said Nicole Jackson of the incident.

A bystander captured the disturbing video on Sept. 29 of three people attacking Kevin Jackson with a baseball bat and a propane tank. Jackson's mother said he has been struggling to breathe on his own ever since.

"Very devastated that my son is fighting for his life, over something as trivial as a broken window," she said.
Nicole Jackson said that's what led to the attack. She said that her son and the mother of his child went were in a bad relationship and busted each other’s windows.
That was when Aaliyah Manning returned with her brother Dahmani Elliot and her mother Claudine Manning, a TSA agent, police said.

"Those stories still shock me," said Nicole Madonna Rosario.

Rosario teaches college students to watch for signs of controlling behavior that can lead to violence.

"I think the best way somebody can fight back is exiting relationships in a safe way and getting your life back," she said.
Relatives said Jackson had moved on and was dating someone else when he was attacked.

"This is serious, this is real, this domestic violence thing is real" his aunt Lashanda McKinney said.

"He has a back injury, he has a cerebral injury that has caused him to have several strokes," she said, describing his injuries and long road to recovery.

They believe it all could have been prevented.
Jackson had been arrested for assault on female but the family said he claimed he had also been a victimized but never reported it and the couple always got back together.

The suspects are in jail.

Jackson's family is raising money to help with medical costs through this GoFundMe page

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Tue, 06 Oct 2015 17:24:23 -0400

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